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  Workplace relations in South Africa are so often forged and maintained in an environment of tension as parties battle over scarce resources, mistrust, and deep resentment. Would the Marikana tragedy have happened if the various parties had better understood each other? Outcomes such as improvements to the community in which employees live, opportunities available to their children, an improvement in the image of the company and an alignment with the governments priorities are all examples of mutually beneficial activities where a positive outcome is critically important to all parties.

Corporate Social Responsibility can be the catalyst for this one so often left untapped which offers the opportunity to unleash this potential and deliver a real return on investment. Though the Social Return on Investment(SROI) methodology of which IAOS has Global Membership status, we are able to analyze in financial terms the value and return that companies are getting from their CSR activities and work to determine how these can be optimized.

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