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Focus area Value Proposition
ED/CSI strategy Development of an ED/CSI strategy that will optimize value to the organisation
Impact measurement Using tools of measurement to determine current or future impact and ROI of ED or CSI spend
Social mapping Enable integration and alignment of ED/CSI initiatives through these being aligned to broader societal projects, initiatives and challenges
Outcome based procurement Achieving economies of scale from ED/CSI spend across companies supply chains
Social reporting Determine the opportunity cost/benefit that can be achieved through maximizing impact
Image optimization Positioning ED/CSI both internally and externally so that it achieves maximum impact
CSI research Conducting and reporting on key developments, opinions, points of view, case studies
Social financing Identification of funding sources including venture capital, intermediary services
Efficient processing & grant management Maximising impact to beneficiaries through alignment of stakeholders and delivery of efficient processes
Multiplication impact Enabling industry impact through alignment of ED/CSI spend on capital projects across companies
Governance and reporting Providing the confidence in the donor or beneficiary organisations and their processes that an efficient organization exists and that sound governance standards are being achieved
Philanthropic advice Provide philanthropists with investment support to optimizes value from grants, donations etc.